CamStar Heroes

'My Cam Star Hero' is a BNHA zine that is centered around streamers of all kinds aiming to promote sex worker positivity. Characters will be depicted in various scenarios but mainly as a Cam Star .


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Mod Team


Thank you for your interest in the BNHA universe Sugar Baby-themed zine!Is this Zine For-Profit or Charity?
We are a For-Profit based zine with a even split among contributors and mods!
What is this project?
'Cam Star Heroes' is an 18+ NSFW Cam Star Inspired, My Hero Academia-based zine. It will consist of two parts; a physical NSFW titled Look, Don’t touch, and a spicier pdf version titled All Access. Each zine will have its own distinct flair and content!
What pairings will be allowed?
All pairings will be allowed! Since this is a multiship zine there will be a pairing cap. So, while it won’t be mandatory for contributors to have more than one ship they’re willing to create for, it will be advised to have a backup. The number of similar ships will be dependant on the variety we receive during the application process.
How many contributors will you be accepting?
Right now allocating spots for the following totals (including guests), but the numbers are subject to change pending application outcome.
Writers: 20
Artist: 40
Cosplayers: 8
Do I have to be 18+ to participate?
Yes. This is an NSFW project, therefore all moderators and contributors must be 18 years of age by January 1, 2022, to participate.
What is the ‘All Access’ Add On?
All Access will be a digital add-on featuring some of the more spicy and problematic content. (see chart below)
Will only Cam AU content be allowed?
As long as the base idea involves sex and a camera, all other AUs will be allowed. (ie; A/B/O, porn star, pro hero…)

What content will be Allowed?

Look Don't TouchAll AccessRestricted
ToysConsensual AbuseScat
FrottageConsensual Non-ConEmeto
Role Play-Loli/Shota
Multiple PartnersIncestNecrophilia
Mild Blood (nonsexual)Drug UseSnuff
Consensual Feminization/Cross DressingBreedingUnder Age(18-)
Age gap (18+ min)Sensory Deprivation-
Size DifferenceAge Play-
Tattoos & PiercingsGun Play-
-Food Play-